Sanders: ‘We’ve Got to Go a Lot Further’ on COVID Relief

Sanders: ‘We’ve Got to Go a Lot Further’ on COVID Relief

December 3, 2020

Wednesday on CNN’s AC360, lifelong communist Sen. Bernie Sanders stated that the bipartisan coronavirus relief proposal currently languishing in limbo because of Democrat obstruction is “a start,” but “we’ve got to go a lot further” than what it now entails.

Sanders claimed that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s proposal “is literally laughable. He doesn’t have a nickel for unemployment supplements. We provided, in the past, at least $600 a week. He doesn’t have a penny. All over this country, people are worried about being evicted. There is no $1,200 check for those people. So, I think his proposal is literally laughable.”

It is Democrats, of course, not McConnell’s Republican party, who are responsible for the millions of people unemployed and worried about eviction because of pointless, draconian coronavirus lockdowns. And Sanders has the socialist’s typical utopian grasp of economics, whereby the government would somehow pay every working adult in the country $600 a week indefinitely. But to Sanders, heartless Republicans are the problem.

He continued, “I think the other proposal brought forth may be a start for discussions. But we’ve got to go a lot further than what that proposal now entails. For example, that proposal does not have the $1,200. I would do $2,000 a month of stimulus check, but it’s a start. But we’ve got to build on that.”

Here’s an idea: let people go back to work instead of hooking them on big-government dependency the country can’t afford.

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