Sanders Wants to Impose Moratorium on Deportations

Sanders Wants to Impose Moratorium on Deportations

September 16, 2019

White House hopeful Bernie Sanders told a group Saturday that as President he intends to place a moratorium on all deportations from the U.S.

“We’re gonna end the ICE raids which are terrorizing communities all across this country,” the socialist Sanders said. “We are gonna impose a moratorium on deportations. There are some things that a president can do with executive orders.”

“Let me also say something of which I have gotten into trouble and people will criticize me for,” he continued. “I am, as some of you know, supportive of a Medicare for All single-payer system and that means that everybody in the country has health care, including the undocumented.” Adding that he also intends to make public colleges and universities tuition-free, including for “the undocumented,” Sanders concluded, “Now I hope that as soon as possible the undocumented will not be undocumented. That’s the goal.”

Sanders’ “goal,” then, is to flood the country with Democrat-voting illegal aliens hooked on big-government handouts.

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