Sanders: U.S. ‘Supplying Weapons to Kill Children’ in Gaza

Sanders: U.S. ‘Supplying Weapons to Kill Children’ in Gaza

May 24, 2021

Sunday on CBS’s Face the Nation, lifelong communist Sen. Bernie Sanders said that the United States should not be “supplying weapons to kill children in Gaza” while discussing the latest conflict in Israel.

Asked if he thinks the administration is being an apologist for the Netanyahu government,” Sanders replied, “All that I think is that given the incredible suffering in Gaza, where we have a poverty rate of 56%, 70% of the young people are unemployed. And after the Israeli attacks, you have wastewater plants destroyed, clinics destroyed, hospitals destroyed.”

Whose fault is that? Not Israel’s but that of the Hamas terrorists in authority.

“I think the United States has got to develop a even-handed approach to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict,” Sanders continued. “We have to be pro-Israel, but we have to be pro-Palestinian.”

Asked how one has an even-handed approach to terrorists who want to destroy Israel, Sanders offered this non-answer: “All that I’m saying is that the United States of America has got to be leading the world in bringing people together, not simply supplying weapons to kill children in Gaza. This last series of attacks killed 64 children and destroyed a large part of the infrastructure of Gaza in a community that has already been one of the most uninhabitable territories in the world.”

Sanders doesn’t care about the killing of children in Israel. And if he truly cared about the killing of children in Gaza, he would support Israel’s effort to eradicate Hamas, which intentionally puts its own children at risk for the sake of public sympathy.

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