Sanders: Trump Incites Violence and Violates the Constitution

Sanders: Trump Incites Violence and Violates the Constitution

September 1, 2020

In a tweet on Monday, lifelong communist and failed presidential nominee Bernie Sanders jumped onboard with the left’s new coordinated strategy of blaming President Trump for the months-long wave of Marxist revolutionary violence sweeping across the country.

“Mr. President, your job is to discourage violence, not incite it,” Sanders said, without offering any evidence that Trump had incited violence. The openly-socialist senator followed up with another tweet slamming Trump for calling himself a “law and order” leader: “Trump claims he’s a ‘law and order’ president. That’s funny. This is a president who shamelessly violates the Constitution, incites violence, uses his office to enrich his family, and seven of his top campaign advisers have been criminally charged (so far). Trump must go.

Good luck with that, Senator. The President is surging toward a landslide victory in November, precisely because Democrats have instigated widespread rioting and refused to condemn it — until it became clear that the violence is dragging Joe Biden down in the polls.

Now Democrats are trying to pin this on Trump, but Americans aren’t buying it.

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