Sanders to Dems: Don’t Bother Negotiating with Republicans

Sanders to Dems: Don’t Bother Negotiating with Republicans

May 28, 2021

In a Thursday op-ed titled, “What happens next in Congress will determine future of country,” lifelong communist Sen. Bernie Sanders warned his fellow Progressives that “we should not waste time on never-ending negotiations with Republicans.”

Democrats, he argued, have an agenda that includes raising the minimum wage, jettisoning the fossil fuel industry, offering universal child care, and making college “free,” that he believes will protect the planet and “save American democracy from right-wing extremism.” Why bother negotiating with obstructionist Republicans over these aims?

“What happens if [the Democrats] spend week after week, month after month ‘negotiating’ with Republicans who have little intention of addressing the serious crises facing the working families of this country?” he wrote.

“The American people want action, not never-ending ‘negotiations’ and obstructionism, and they will not come out and vote for a party that does not deliver,” he warned. Thus, Democrats must forge ahead while they have the power, and ram their agenda through while they can. To hell with bipartisanship.

Spoken like a true totalitarian.

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