Sanders on Terrorism: We ‘Don’t Even Know Who Our Enemy Is’

Sanders on Terrorism: We ‘Don’t Even Know Who Our Enemy Is’

September 13, 2019

In Thursday night’s Democrat presidential candidate debate, White House hopeful Bernie Sanders declared that we “don’t know who our enemy is” in the War on Terror, and argued that the U.S. should focus on bringing the world together to fight climate change and rebuild “struggling economies” instead.

“I don’t think we have to spend $750 billion a year on the military when we don’t even know who our enemy is,” Sen. Sanders stated. “I think that what we’ve got to do is bring this world together – bring it together on climate change, bring it together in fighting against terrorism, and make it clear that we as a planet, as a global community, will work together to help countries around the world rebuild their struggling economies and do everything that we can to rid the world of terrorism.

“But dropping bombs on Afghanistan and Iraq was not the way to do it,” Sanders added.

In fact, we do know who our enemy is — Islamic supremacism — but neither Sanders nor any of his Democrat competitors would be willing to admit that.

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