Sanders: My Competitor Warren is a Capitalist, I’m Not

Sanders: My Competitor Warren is a Capitalist, I’m Not

October 14, 2019

On ABC’s This Week Sunday, White House hopeful and self-proclaimed socialist Bernie Sanders distinguished himself from competitor Elizabeth Warren by declaring she is “a capitalist through her bones,” while he is not.

“I think she’s a very, very good senator, but there are differences between Elizabeth and myself,” said Sen. Sanders. “Elizabeth, as you know, said she’s a capitalist through her bones. I’m not…

“Business as usual and doing it the old fashion way is not good enough,” he added. “What we need is, in fact — I don’t want to get people to nervous—we need a political revolution. I’m the only candidate that’s going to say to the ruling class, the corporate elite, enough with your greed and corruption. We need real change.”

Warren may not embrace the “socialist” label as proudly as Bernie, but her “you didn’t build that” animus toward entrepreneurs and the rich, and her platform of social justice wealth redistribution marks her as one nonetheless.

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