Sanders: GOP Undermining Democracy ‘from One End of this Country to the Other’

Sanders: GOP Undermining Democracy ‘from One End of this Country to the Other’

June 23, 2021

Wednesday on ABC’s dumbed-down, propagandist, daytime gab-fest The View, lifelong communist Sen. Bernie Sanders smeared “cowardly” Republican governors and state legislatures for “undermining democracy” by passing election integrity laws.

“All over this country — look, we can disagree on issues, on health care, education, climate,” Sanders began ranting. “We should not disagree whether or not Americans have the fundamental right to vote, whether you’re Black, whether you’re young, whether you’re Latino, whether you’re disabled. What Republican legislatures and governors are doing all over this country in a totally cowardly way is making it harder for people to vote. That’s how they think they’re going to win elections. That is an outrage. Congress has got to act.”

Lie. The GOP’s election integrity legislation is designed to suppress only illegal votes — the kind Democrats need to win elections.

The radical demagogue Sanders added, “This is not just another issue. This is the bedrock of American society. This is whether or not people can participate in the political process. What we’re seeing is, Republican governors and legislatures are undermining the American democracy from one end of this country to the other, and that is unacceptable.”

Lie. It is the Democrats who have undermined democracy across the country. That’s how they got the White House in 2020, and now they don’t ever want to give up political dominance in this country, so they smear voter integrity laws as an undemocratic threat.

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