Sanders Delegates from CA Reject Kamala as Running Mate

Sanders Delegates from CA Reject Kamala as Running Mate

July 20, 2020

Nearly all the party delegates won by Sen. Bernie Sanders in California have signed a letter to presumed Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden, urging him to pick his running mate from a short list that curiously does not include local Sen. Kamala Harris, who is widely considered the favorite choice.

Of the state’s 495 party delegates, 153 were awarded to Sanders after the March 3 primary. Of those, 145 signed the letter. “… Democrats must select an exceptional progressive vice presidential candidate who will both inspire the 90 million Americans who did not vote in 2016 to cast a ballot this November and lead America into a new era of equality, compassion, and economic justice,” the Sanders backers wrote.

Among their recommendations are Rep. Karen Bass, Rep. Barbara Lee, or former Sanders campaign spokesperson Nina Turner.

Some may see the grandstanding Harris as the favorite, but even her own party doesn’t really view her as an “inspirational” VP choice.

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