Sanders Blames Mass Shootings on Trump’s ‘Racist’ Language

Sanders Blames Mass Shootings on Trump’s ‘Racist’ Language

August 5, 2019

Sunday on CNN, 2020 presidential contender Bernie Sanders blamed the weekend’s mass shooting in El Paso on President Trump’s “racist” and “virulently anti-immigrant” language.

“I am sure that President Trump does not want anybody in this country to go around shooting other people,” Sanders said. “But what he has got to understand is that when you have language that is racist, that is virulently anti-immigrant, there are mentally unstable people in this country who see that as a sign to do terrible, terrible things. I think the president has to stop the racism and that xenophobia immediately.”

“When you talk about invasions and hordes of people, and talk about Mexicans as criminals and rapists, and a country under siege, you have unstable people who see that as a sign they have to take up arms and do the horrific things that we just saw in El Paso,” he added.

If anyone should be held accountable for exacerbating racial tensions and ramping up violence, it is Sanders himself, other open borders radicals, and the anti-Trump news media who have spent the last three years lying about Trump’s purported racism and rhetoric.

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