Sanders, AOC Back Bolivian Leftist Morales After Resignation

Sanders, AOC Back Bolivian Leftist Morales After Resignation

November 12, 2019

Aging Communist Bernie Sanders and avowed socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) issued statements of support on Monday for Bolivian strongman Evo Morales following his resignation.

On Sunday after nearly 14 years in power, Morales chose to resign in the wake of revelations of voter fraud in the October 20 election granting him an unprecedented fourth term. The Bolivian military had urged Morales to step down, prompting angry leftists to complain.

“I am very concerned about what appears to be a coup in Bolivia, where the military, after weeks of political unrest, intervened to remove President Evo Morales,” Sanders tweeted. “What’s happening right now in Bolivia isn’t democracy, it’s a coup,” AOC wrote. “The people of Bolivia deserve free, fair, and peaceful elections – not violent seizures of power.”

Sen. Marco Rubio offered some perspective, noting that the election was unconstitutional, evidence of voting irregularities” was rampant, and Morales left only after the military “refused his orders to attack protestors.”

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