San Diego Schools Push CRT with Guide to Systemic Racism

San Diego Schools Push CRT with Guide to Systemic Racism

February 21, 2023

The San Diego County Office of Education (SDCOE) created guides to “microaggressions” and race that push the core tenets of the racist ideological indoctrination of Critical Race Theory (CRT), according to Breitbart News.

One guide was titled “Ask Me Anything About … Race and Racism.” The slideshow guide endorsed many of the core beliefs of CRT, including a belief in systemic and institutional racism as well as the belief that racism isn’t just prejudice on the basis of race, but a system that requires one to hold “institutional power.”

For example, one portion of the guide claims that racism requires “racial prejudice,” “unfounded beliefs,” “irrational fear,” and “institutional power.” It goes on to claim that “racism is a system of advantage based on race that involves systems and institutions, not just individual mindsets and actions.”

Another section cites four different types of racism, including “structural racism,” which is defined as “the overarching system of racial bias across institutions and society” that “give privileges to white people resulting in disadvantages to people of color.” There is also “institutional racism,” which includes “race-based policies and practices that give unfair advantages to whites over people of color.”

The slideshow goes on to claim that “our socially-recognized races are not biological categories” but instead “must be understood as a classification system that emerged from, and in support of, European colonialism, oppression, and discrimination.”

“It thus does not have its roots in biological reality, but in policies of discrimination,” the presentation adds. The guide also includes resources for student activities, which include conversations on mass incarceration, white privilege, and police violence.

“Ask Me Anything About … Bias and Microaggressions” was the title of another presentation from the SDCOE. It claims that “implicit biases are pervasive: everyone has them” and that “implicit biases are formed over a lifetime as a result of exposure to direct and indirect messages.”

The presentation went on to tell teachers that they communicate their bias through curriculum, verbal exchanges, their syllabus, their curriculum, and even their “classroom design.”

Both slideshow guides list Ebonee Weathers, San Diego Unified School District’s executive director of equity and belonging, at the bottom, and she is marked as the owner on both Google Documents. Meanwhile, on Twitter Weathers showed off a box of “Diversity and Inclusion prompt cards” for students in 3rd through 5th grade. Weathers was listed multiple times in a formal complaint for racial discrimination from Californians for Equal Rights Foundation.

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