Rob Reiner: ‘A Vote for Trump Is a Vote for Death’

Rob Reiner: ‘A Vote for Trump Is a Vote for Death’

June 24, 2020

Film director and former All in the Family “Meathead” Rob Reiner took to social media on Tuesday to warn his one million Twitter followers that a vote for President Trump “is a vote for Death.”

“A vote for Trump is a vote for Death,” Reiner tweeted laconically. He didn’t explain why he believes this is the case, but it’s symptomatic of his advanced degree of Trump Derangement Syndrome. In March, for example, Reiner asserted cryptically, “Donald Trump’s mental illness is killing people” — another statement he didn’t support with context or evidence.

As the coronavirus swept the country, Reiner tweeted yet another deranged falsehood: “There’s no other way to put this: Donald Trump is causing people in NY to DIE.” In fact, the coronavirus deaths in New York, which surpassed those of every other state, were the fault of incompetent Democrat governor Andrew Cuomo.

Reiner is just another juvenile Hollywood blowhard, virtue-signaling his Trump-hatred as if it mattered to anyone outside his circle of smug celebrity friends.

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