Riiight: Mayorkas Says Disinfo Board Won’t Monitor Americans

Riiight: Mayorkas Says Disinfo Board Won’t Monitor Americans

May 2, 2022

Sunday on CNN’s State of the Union, Secretary of Homeland Security and open-borders fanatic Alejandro Mayorkas claimed that the newly-launched “Disinformation Governance Board” would not infringe on free speech or monitor Americans.

Asked about criticisms that the Board is Orwellian, Mayorkas proceeded to gaslight CNN’s few remaining viewers: “It’s clear, I mean, those criticisms are precisely the opposite of what this small working group within the Department of Homeland Security will do. And I think we probably could have done a better job of communicating what it does and does not do.”

They could have started by not calling it the Orwellian-sounding “Disinformation Governance Board.”

“So, what it does, it works to ensure that the way in which we address threats, the connectivity between threats and acts of violence are addressed without infringing on free speech, protecting civil rights and civil liberties, the right of privacy,” Mayorkas continued. “And the board, this working group, internal working group, will draw from best practices and communicate those best practices to the operators because the board does not have operational authority.”

Draw from and communicate best practices? That word salad is absolutely meaningless.

Asked if American citizens will be monitored, Mayorkas said, “No, no, the board does not have any operational capability. What it will do is gather together best practices in addressing the threat of disinformation from foreign state adversaries, from the cartels and disseminate those best practices to the operators that have been executing and addressing this threat for years.”

Translation: the Disinformation Governance Board absolutely will monitor Americans and infringe on free speech.

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