Richmond: Biden ‘Probably’ Has More Secret Voters Than Trump

Richmond: Biden ‘Probably’ Has More Secret Voters Than Trump

July 17, 2020

Thursday on FNC’s Fox & Friends, Rep. Cedric Richmond, co-chair of empty-suit candidate Joe Biden’s campaign, dismissed the notion that “secret” voters could put President Trump over the top in November’s election.

Asked about polls showing Biden in a double-digit lead over Trump, Richmond replied, “I do believe the polls and I know that there’s concern and there’s talk of secret Trump voters… I don’t believe that there’s this — a grade of secret Trump voters out there. And by the way, if they were and the polls were exactly wrong in the same percent that they were with Clinton, Biden would still win because his lead is that big.

“And I think that the pressure and the atmosphere of the Republican Party these days, there are probably more secret Biden voters because Republicans are scared to stand up to this president and I think that they don’t want to be isolated,” he added.

Host Brian Kilmeade pointed out that Trump has 92% of Republican support and that Republicans like Mitt Romney don’t have any problem standing up to him.

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