Rice: Trump’s ‘Abdication of Leadership’ Caused Deaths

Rice: Trump’s ‘Abdication of Leadership’ Caused Deaths

April 15, 2020

In an interview on CNN Tuesday, former Obama national security adviser Susan Rice claimed President Trump’s “abdication of leadership” was responsible for the “23,000 lives” lost due to the coronavirus pandemic.

“The president creating a jungle environment where every state had to defend itself and every state to buy their own critical equipment and competing once again another and competing against the federal government and bidding up the price to the benefit of the private sectors,” Rice said. “That’s not leadership. That’s an abdication of leadership, and it continues this day. ”

“I really hope the president does not declare prematurely mission accomplished and try to celebrate his success when we already lost more than 23,000 lives in barely two months… And our economy is in the tank? It is a very, very tragic situation that could have been lessened with responsible and effective leadership. Sadly that is not what we have at the moment.”

Rice has been on an anti-Trump media rampage in recent weeks as part of the Dem strategy to turn the coronavirus into Trump’s Katrina.

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