Rice: Trump Treats Our Allies ‘Like Trash’

Rice: Trump Treats Our Allies ‘Like Trash’

January 9, 2020

Wednesday on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice said President Trump’s call for allies to work with us would fail because his administration treats them “like trash.”

Asked what leverage the president has right now with our allies over Iran, Rice said, “None. We are the ones who withdrew from the [nuclear deal with Iran established under Rice’s former boss Barack Obama]. We are the ones who have precipitated this cycle of escalation, unfortunately. And we treat our allies under President Trump like trash.

“We don’t give them even a heads-up when we’re about to take dangerous action that put their personnel directly at risk. We don’t consult. We don’t concert our efforts. And so why should they simply follow along like sheepish puppies just because President Trump finds himself in a bind and has to give a speech?” she added.

Rice is wrong. The appeaser Obama was the one who treated our real allies like trash, and Trump did not precipitate escalation, our longtime enemy Iran did.

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