Rice Touts Biden ‘Equity’ Policies to Fight ‘Systemic Racism’

Rice Touts Biden ‘Equity’ Policies to Fight ‘Systemic Racism’

January 27, 2021

At a White House press briefing on Tuesday, domestic policy adviser Susan Rice praised President Joe Biden’s attempt to fight so-called “systemic racism” through “equity” policies advanced by the administration.

“For too many American families, systemic racism and inequality in our economy, laws, and institutions still put the American dream far out of reach,” Rice claimed falsely. She noted that Biden would sign multiple executive orders to expose and correct racial disparities.

“We’ve hit the ground running to embed equity through the administration,” she said, pointing out that Biden had signed executive orders to “redress systemic racism where it exists and to advance equity where we aren’t doing enough.”

“Advancing equity is everybody’s job,” she said, citing “long-standing inequities” in the country such as the gap between black and white home ownership. She pointed to Biden’s plan to sign a memorandum ordering the Department of Housing and Urban Development to “mitigate racial bias in housing” and to “affirmatively advance our nation’s fair housing laws.” He also intends to order the Department of Justice not to renew contracts with private prisons, because they purportedly “profiteer off of federal prisoners,” Rice added.

“Racial equity” is not “racial equality.” The former means equality of outcome, not of opportunity; therefore “equity” requires the transfer of wealth and opportunity from whites to non-whites. It is fundamentally unfair and racist, requiring present discrimination to resolve (real or imagined) past discrimination. As for “systemic racism,” it does not exist, but maintaining that it does enables anti-colonialist race-mongers like Rice to advance their anti-Western agenda in the name of “equity.”

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