Acting President Rice to Leave Cover Job as Puppet Biden’s Domestic Policy Chief

Acting President Rice to Leave Cover Job as Puppet Biden’s Domestic Policy Chief

April 24, 2023

Acting U.S. President Susan Rice will step down as Puppet President Biden’s domestic policy adviser at the end of next month, according to multiple current and former senior administration officials who spoke with NBC News.

Rice’s last day at the White House will be on May 26. During Rice’s two+ years in the Biden administration, the president signed numerous executive and legislative actions on health care, guns, student loans, policing, and other Democrat agenda items revolving around her work.

White House Chief of Staff Jeff Zients claimed that she drove Biden’s agenda and took the Domestic Policy Council “to new heights” during her time in the administration.

“It is extraordinary when you think about what she’s done in terms of public service across her career, capped off by being the first person ever to be the national security adviser and domestic policy adviser,” said Zients. “It really speaks a lot to her leadership and her range.”

And to her radical ideological fervor.

NBC News explained more about Rice’s history and the process of finding a replacement:

Rice, who was on Biden’s short list for vice president, entered the job without a domestic policy background, having served in foreign policy roles during the Obama and Clinton administrations. Among her first moves in the Biden administration was to adopt a structure at the Domestic Policy Council similarly to that of the National Security Council, bringing in policy experts and codifying a process for convening officials across the government.

The process for Biden to select Rice’s successor will include candidates both inside and outside the White House, a second senior administration official said.

Whomever Biden names to serve as domestic policy adviser for the remainder of his term will face much less of the policymaking sprint, including on legislation, that Rice did, and focus more on implementing existing policies and some additional executive actions.

Rice reportedly told her colleagues she had only intended to stay in the Biden administration for two years. She did not rule out a future in government, but for now, she will spend time at home with her family to figure out her future plans.

Whatever her future has in store for us, we can be sure it will perpetuate the dismantling of America as the world’s preeminent superpower.

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