Susan Rice to Head Biden’s Race-Essentialism Task Force

Susan Rice to Head Biden’s Race-Essentialism Task Force

February 22, 2023

Breitbart News reports that adviser Susan Rice has been tapped to lead the Biden administration’s new “White House Steering Committee on Equity” designed to embed a “focus on equity into the fabric of Federal policymaking.”

Alleged President Biden issued a February 16 executive order on “further advancing racial equity,” which established the new office set to “transform” federal agencies, with the goal of “advanc[ing] an ambitious, whole-of-government approach to racial equity and support for underserved communities and to continuously embed equity into all aspects of Federal decision-making.”

Withing a month of the order, every major federal agency will be required to establish “Agency Equity Teams” who will submit annual racialized plans to Rice’s steering committee. Such equity teams will be charged with “the implementation of equity initiatives” within their respective agencies and “delivering equitable outcomes for the American people.”

Some initiatives include “continued equity training and equity leadership development” and to “facilitate equitable flows of private capital.”

America First Legal president Stephen Miller said:

With the stroke of a pen, Biden has transformed the entire federal government into a DEI [diversity, equity, and inclusion] cult—putting equity czars inside virtually every single agency of the executive branch and subordinating every department to the Marxist equity agenda. Every previous law and regulation must now be reinterpreted to ensure racial and gender equity: in other words, to achieve a predetermined racial or gender identity outcome even if it requires ruthless discrimination against American citizens.

Biden’s executive order follows a larger push by his administration, from his first day in office, to put race at the center of every policy decision.

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