Rice: Putin Doing ‘Happy Dance’ over Trump Debate Performance

Rice: Putin Doing ‘Happy Dance’ over Trump Debate Performance

October 2, 2020

Wednesday on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice claimed President Trump’s debate performance had Vladimir Putin doing the “happy dance in the Kremlin.”

“Let’s be clear how the rest of the world reacted,” Rice theorized without offering any evidence or examples. “Our friends and allies, I believe, did a collective faceplant of just shame and embarrassment and despair. Vladimir Putin is doing the happy dance in the Kremlin tonight because, leaving aside the white supremacy comments or lack of comments about white supremacy, what Donald Trump did in his unhinged ranting and raving was to discredit civil discourse, disparage the American people, to whom he didn’t even give the dignity of serious responses, and to get up and say before the American people yet again that he will not respect the results of this election unless he himself is the winner, which is the idea of democracy.

“So Vladimir Putin is doing the happening the happy dance and, in Beijing, state media is crowing that the debate was chaotic, disorderly and shows democracy is a form of government that should be discredited and discarded, and their form is in fact correct,” Rice added.

It is the Democrats who have destroyed civil discourse in this country. If Putin and Xi are doing a happy dance, it’s because they applaud the left’s efforts to tear this country apart.

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