Rice: Pandemic an ‘Opportunity’ to Adopt Voting-by-Mail

Rice: Pandemic an ‘Opportunity’ to Adopt Voting-by-Mail

May 1, 2020

Wednesday on CNN, former National Security Adviser Susan Rice called the coronavirus pandemic an “opportunity” to ensure all Americans can vote by mail.

“This is a moment not only of crisis but inherent in that crisis is opportunity,” Rice said. “And we need to take a step to broaden our social safety net to ensure that the most vulnerable have the health care, have the education, have the housing that they need. But in the immediate term because many of those things are going to take time and be ambitious.

“I recommend two critical steps that Congress could take…” she added. “One is to ensure that every American has the ability to vote safely in our November election… And we have a real challenge to ensure that voters are able to access the ballot by mail, by longer periods of early voting, by safer polling stations, and that is the job of Congress to ensure. And secondly, Congress can make a down payment on this effort to build a more equitable society by expanding national service.”

Once again, the Democrats reveal that they see the coronavirus crisis only in terms of political opportunism.

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