Rice: Obama Speech Was a ‘Turn of the Knife’ into Trump

Rice: Obama Speech Was a ‘Turn of the Knife’ into Trump

October 22, 2020

Wednesday on MSNBC’s The Last Word, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice claimed that former President Barack Obama “very effectively” turned the knife into President Trump’s “incompetence” and “corruption” in a campaign speech in Philadelphia.

Host Lawrence O’Donnell told Rice, “I thought of you today when I heard the president say in that last passage especially, it felt like he read Susan Rice’s op-ed piece about what you’re hoping for in the future of this country and delivered it in that speech.”

“Well, I think Barack Obama would have delivered his speech in his own way in any event,” Rice said. “I have no idea whether or not he read my op-ed. What he was trying to do was to contrast the kind of president that we deserve and need in Joe Biden with the craziness of Trump, the incompetence, the dishonesty, the corruption, the appalling manipulations and lies. And I think he did it very effectively. It was vintage Barack Obama with humor, with a very subtle turn of the knife and then some not so subtle turns of the knife.”

Pure Democrat projection. The incompetence, dishonesty, corruption, and appalling manipulations and lies she falsely wants to put on Trump more properly describe the Obama/Biden administration.

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