Rice: ‘I’m Very Open to Serving’ in Biden-Harris Administration

Rice: ‘I’m Very Open to Serving’ in Biden-Harris Administration

November 18, 2020

Wednesday on MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell Reports, former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice said she is “very open to serving” in a Biden-Harris administration.

Host Andrea Mitchell said, “Ambassador Rice, have you been approached by the Biden team? Would you be willing to serve?”

Rice replied, “I’ve said many times and in different contexts that I’m very glad that we have Joe Biden and Kamala Harris coming to the White House. They’re going to bring compassionate, responsible, effective leadership. And if they think I can be helpful to them in any particular capacity, I’m very open to serving.”

What she is very open to doing is serving as Biden’s key advisor, as she did with Barack Obama, steering the empty suit Biden toward far-left positions.

She added, “But for me, the most important thing is that we are going to have leadership back in the White House that understands that we need allies. We need to act responsibly in the world. We don’t make precipitous decisions without consulting them… And we won’t, thankfully, after January 20, have leadership that fires people out of spite simply for doing what the American people expect them to do and doing it well.”

Translation: we’re going to move from America First to globalism.

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