Rice Accuses Trump of ‘Gross Mishandling of This Pandemic’

Rice Accuses Trump of ‘Gross Mishandling of This Pandemic’

July 30, 2020

Wednesday on ABC’s propaganda gab-fest The View, former National Security Advisor Susan Rice blamed all the American coronavirus victims on President Trump’s “gross mishandling of this pandemic.”

“Anybody who knew anything about national security, global health, understood that a pandemic was inevitable…” Rice claimed. “We prepared the incoming administration with a pandemic for dummies playbook. So the fault here, the tragic loss of 150,000 Americans and counting, is on Donald Trump and his gross mishandling of this pandemic…

“Every step of the way Donald Trump has put his own personal political interests ahead of the health and well-being and the economic security of Americans. That is why this tragedy has been as bad as it has been, and if anybody has any doubt about that, look at many other competent countries in the rest of the world.”

This is false, but making the pandemic “Trump’s virus” is the Narrative the desperate Democrats are sticking with to tar him prior to the election.

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