Rhodes: Trump Playing ‘Ghoulish Numbers Game’ With COVID-19

Rhodes: Trump Playing ‘Ghoulish Numbers Game’ With COVID-19

April 30, 2020

Tuesday on MSNBC’s All In, former Obama advisor Ben Rhodes accused President Trump of playing a “ghoulish number game” to minimize  his administration’s “failure” to prepare for the coronavirus outbreak.

“Two things intersecting here. One is the failure of the Trump administration to prepare for this,” Rhodes claimed. “And then to find any justification it can to minimize the perception of the damage this is doing to somehow justify their failure to take this seriously. The other is, let’s face it — there’s been a long-standing, deep-rooted sense of anti-government conspiracy theories from the right, that is part of the political force in this nation that gave rise to Trump, and to Trumpism…

“We just lived through a month in which over 50,000 Americans died…” he continued. “These are human beings, with Trump it’s almost like this ghoulish numbers game in an effort to make sure someone looks good or bad.”

The Democrats are the ghouls, gleefully counting the American deaths they can use to make Trump look bad.

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