Rhodes: Trump May Have Blood on Hands Over Fraud Claims

Rhodes: Trump May Have Blood on Hands Over Fraud Claims

December 10, 2020

Wednesday on MSNBC’s Deadline, Ben Rhodes, a former deputy national security adviser under Barack Obama, said blood would be on President Trump’s hands if someone got hurt because of his claims of election fraud.

“He’s seeking to convince a significant part of the American public that this election was illegitimate and that it was stolen. Let’s be very clear; what he’s saying is insane and absurd. It’s akin to pointing to the sky and saying it’s not blue. It’s green,” Rhodes claimed.

Fact check: election fraud is no conspiracy theory. The Democrat voter fraud was demonstrably widespread and blatant, as blatant as Rhodes’ lie.

“From a national security perspective, how many warning signs do you need? We had a plot to kidnap and potentially kill the Governor of Michigan. We’ve had people showing up armed in front of places. We’ve had Republican officials sounding alarm, as you said. The warning signs are there. If someone gets hurt, if someone gets killed, the blood is on all of their hands, the people who are saying nothing, the people who are going along with this. This isn’t a game. This isn’t a charade. This is a deliberate effort to make a big chunk of this country live inside of a conspiracy theory that could radicalize them to commit acts of violence,” Rhodes fear-mongered.

There is a swelling tsunami of evidence that Democrats stole this election, and the political violence in this country during Trump’s term has been entirely from the left, but demagogue propagandists like Rhodes, with the complicity of their media enablers, are spinning The Narrative that, as Rhodes would put it, the sky is not blue but green.

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