Rhodes: Govt Will ‘Have to Step in’ if Social Media Won’t Step Up

Rhodes: Govt Will ‘Have to Step in’ if Social Media Won’t Step Up

January 21, 2021

During MSNBC’s Inauguration coverage on Wednesday, former Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes threatened that if social media companies like Twitter don’t “step up” their regulation of speech not approved by the Biden administration, then “government’s going to have to step in as well.”

Rhodes said, “I think from a policy perspective, Nicolle, there are big questions about the future of social media in this country, whether or not someone has to step in and regulate these platforms so that it’s not left to the CEO of Twitter to make a decision to kick President Trump off a couple weeks before his term ends and after the Democrats have won back control of government. But rather, can government work with these tech companies to determine how they can at least slow the spread of this poisonous disinformation?”

By “poisonous disinformation,” the slimy Rhodes means facts that don’t conform to the Democrat narrative.

“All of us have a responsibility now, starting from the presidency, starting from the White House, but to those social media companies, to Facebook, and to all of us as citizens to realize, to wake up to just how close we came to losing it all…” Rhodes continued. “We need everybody to step up here and that includes social media, and if they won’t, that means that government’s going to have to step in as well.”

Welcome to the new administration’s open intention to suppress free speech.

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