Rev. Al to Speak at Juneteenth Event Ahead of Trump Rally

Rev. Al to Speak at Juneteenth Event Ahead of Trump Rally

June 19, 2020

Race hustler Rev. Al Sharpton is scheduled on Friday to speak at an event in Tulsa, OK for Juneteenth, a holiday commemorating the end of slavery, one day prior to President Trump’s reelection rally in the same city.

“I think that in order to understand this moment, that’s pregnant with possibilities, pregnant with real change, you need to understand what is built into this moment and if you don’t understand your own fellow citizens and the history of their parents and grandparents passed down to them, you will not understand what we are responding to now when we see history to continue to repeat itself when you have cases like George Floyd and Rayshard [Brooks] in Atlanta,” Sharpton said.

Sharpton added that it was “extremely important” for Americans to learn about Juneteenth and that having the knowledge would create a “more intelligent and balanced country.”

What would make for a more intelligent and balanced country is to eradicate the progressive indoctrination that passes for education in America, and to de-legitimize race-mongers like Sharpton.

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