Rev. Al on Walker: GOP Wanted ‘Any Black Against Warnock’

Rev. Al on Walker: GOP Wanted ‘Any Black Against Warnock’

October 17, 2022

Monday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, host and perennial race hustler Al Sharpton said he believed it was an “insult” that the Republican Party chose Herschel Walker as their nominee in Georgia’s U.S. Senate race because he is black.

Co-host Jonathan Lemire said, “You believe that Walker’s in this position as the Republican nominee for the Senate in Georgia because he is a football star, sure, buts also because he is a black man. Tell us more as to why how deeply cynical that is and how you read Georgia, a state you know really well. What does it say about Georgia right now that Stacey Abrams seems for the polls likely to lose? While the Senate race is a toss-up.”

Sharpton replied, “I think that the insult is that we’ll put a black, any black against Warnock and a celebrity black at that, because of the football background and, and Heisman Trophy-winning that Herschel Walker had achieved. Where the insult comes in, though, is he would have never been a Heisman Trophy winner or known playing for that college if it had not been for civil rights workers before my generation, black and white, that fought to make it possible for Herschel Walker to even play football at that college. That’s the insult.”

This is the sort of race-mongering stupidity that passes for political commentary on MSNBC.

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