Rev. Al: Boycott Companies that Don’t Oppose GA Voting Law

Rev. Al: Boycott Companies that Don’t Oppose GA Voting Law

March 31, 2021

Monday on MSNBC’s Deadline, race huckster Rev. Al Sharpton predicted that boycotts of Georgia-based companies like Coca-Cola, Arby’s, UPS, Delta Air Lines, and Home Depot for not publicly opposing Georgia’s new voting law would be successful.

“Veterans gave their lives to protect the democracy, and to think that some of those veterans could be, from Georgia, or from one of the 43 other states that are changing election laws is to really make mockery of what veterans have given their lives for,” Sharpton blathered.

What disgusting hypocrisy. It is his party that is waging a full-on assault on democracy and dishonoring veterans by opposing election integrity laws.

“Sanctions work,” the race-mongering Sharpton added. “We’ve used it against countries that violate democratic principles. What civil rights groups are saying is that we need to sanction or boycott those companies that support undemocratic processes at home. We do it all over the world.”

Sharpton’s prediction is not wrong, tragically. Today’s woke corporate culture means companies are eager to virtue-signal their social justice commitment. All it takes is for a race grifter like Sharpton to threaten a boycott, and corporations will hurl millions of dollars at him and at civil rights programs pretending to care about democracy.

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