Retiring Democrat Slams Pelosi’s ‘Hostile Work Environment’

Retiring Democrat Slams Pelosi’s ‘Hostile Work Environment’

December 3, 2021

Retiring embattled Democrat Rep. Ron Kind (D-WI) slammed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s “hostile work environment” that is “getting worse,” as other Democrats complain about getting work done after the midterms.

After yet another Democrat — the nineteenth, Rep. Peter DeFazio — announced his retirement on Wednesday, Kind declared to Politico, “Let’s face it: the atmosphere in this place — it’s a hostile work environment. We’ve got members threatening to kill other members and treating each other with such disrespect. …Things seem to be getting worse.”

House Foreign Affairs Committee Chair Rep. Greg Meeks (D-NY) complained to Politico, “I’m a new chair. But I can tell you it’s hard, especially when you have smaller margins, trying to get things done… The climate here has changed.”

Not only have 19 Democrats called it quits, but three of the retirees are committee chairs — most of which are in battleground districts. There are rumors of more Democrats abandoning ship in the coming weeks and months leading to the midterms, including reports of Pelosi herself possibly leaving office.

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