Report: Sherrod Brown Claimed Multiple Tax Credits Improperly

Report: Sherrod Brown Claimed Multiple Tax Credits Improperly

May 4, 2023

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) was claiming occupancy tax credits on two homes, including one he does not use as his primary residence, in addition to making a habit of paying his property taxes late, according to a recent NBC News report.

Brown, who is running for reelection, claimed two owner-occupancy tax credits. This potentially violates Ohio rules for such incentives since he and his wife, Connie Schultz, reportedly live at their Cleveland address, where the two are also registered to vote.

NBC News further explained:

Brown’s acceptance of the two 2.5% tax credits — which since 2019 had saved him more than $1,000 between the two properties — could have yielded scrutiny from local tax collectors unaware that he was receiving the benefit in two counties. The senator and Schultz have claimed the credit on their Cleveland home for a decade, records show. Brown had received the credit on his downstate Columbus condo since at least 2019, according to documents available online via the Franklin County treasurer.

Additionally, the two have also paid the tax bill for their Cleveland house late at least seven times since purchasing the residence in 2013, including the most recent deadline earlier this year in February. When asked, Brown’s campaign manager, Rachel Petri, told NBC News that he paid his February tax bill this week, including the penalty. She also said he repaid Franklin County the occupancy credits he should not have received for his condo in Columbus residence.

“They made a mistake, have taken care of it, and paid Franklin County,” Petri said, without explaining what caused the “mistake.”

“This is the type of corruption that happens when you spend your entire life as an entitled career politician, living off of the taxpayers’ dime,” said Republican U.S. Senate candidate in Ohio, Bernie Moreno. “Sherrod Brown has been in politics for nearly 50 years now. It’s time we send him into retirement, so he can finally get a real job.”

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