Rep. Wilson: Haitians ‘Getting Misinformation’ About Border

Rep. Wilson: Haitians ‘Getting Misinformation’ About Border

September 27, 2021

Friday on ABC’s Start Here podcast, Rep. Frederica Wilson blamed the surge of Haitian migrants across our southern border on “a cottage industry” of human smugglers, saying the Haitians are “getting misinformation that the borders are open.”

“This has been created by coyotes who are — have been giving false information to our Haitian migrants that the borders are open and TPS [Temporary Protected Status] has been granted to all Haitians,” Wilson said. “So, these are migrants who went to South America to work on the World Cup and the Olympics in Brazil, but that work has dried up.”

She added, “Well, they’re showing up now because the coyotes — you know, Mr. Biden extended TPS for Haitians. So, this is a cottage industry that has grown up around these Haitians and they’re getting misinformation that the borders are open, that they brought in all the Afghan refugees. So, they need to make their way to the border now to be allowed in.”

It’s not misinformation. Our southern border is wide open, thanks to the Biden administration’s willful attempt to “fundamentally transform” the United States of America into a globalist, big-government, one-party state.

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