Rep. Velazquez Diagnosed with ‘Presumed Coronavirus Infection’

Rep. Velazquez Diagnosed with ‘Presumed Coronavirus Infection’

March 31, 2020

Rep. Nydia Velazquez announced in a statement on Monday that she has been diagnosed with a “presumed coronavirus infection.”

Velazquez said she began to fall ill early Sunday morning, experiencing an “abrupt onset of muscle aches, fevers, nasal congestion and stomach upset.” She stated that she also lost her ability to smell or taste.

“After speaking with The Attending Physician by phone, I was diagnosed with presumed coronavirus infection. My symptoms are mild at the present time and I am taking Tylenol for fever, and isolating myself at my home,” Velazquez wrote.

“At the advice of The Attending Physician, neither COVID 19 laboratory testing nor a doctor’s office visit was recommended, ” she continued. “I am carefully monitoring my symptoms, working remotely and in constant contact with my staff.  I’ll continue my work on behalf of New Yorkers as together we overcome this virus. In that regard, I encourage everyone to stay at home and continue practicing social distancing.”

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