Rep. Torres: Trump’s Policies Driving ‘Racism’ and ‘Hate’

Rep. Torres: Trump’s Policies Driving ‘Racism’ and ‘Hate’

August 13, 2019

On CNN’s New Day Tuesday, Rep. Norma Torres claimed that President Trump and his policies have “instilled” racism and led to “so much hate in our communities” and violence “every single day” across California.

Blasting Trump over his proposed public charge rule, a regulation which makes permanent residency in the United States less likely for legal immigrants who have used any forms of welfare in the past, Torres lamented, “Where does he stop?”

Typical of open-borders Democrats who are frustrated with Trump’s attempts to stem the tide of illegals pouring over our southern border, Torres did not argue against the rule on its merits or lack thereof, but simply went straight to smearing Trump as a racist.

“It is this racism that he has instilled and these policies that he has implemented that is driving so much hate in our communities. And we are seeing it every single day in malls, in movie theaters, in the highway, here in California and in festivals,” Torres ranted. “It is unfortunate this president was elected president of the United States.”


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