Rep. Thompson Won’t Rule Out Subpoenaing Trump for January 6 Committee

Rep. Thompson Won’t Rule Out Subpoenaing Trump for January 6 Committee

October 15, 2021

Thursday on CNN’s The Situation Room, Rep. Bennie Thompson, the chairman of the House select committee investigating the January 6 breach at the Capitol, declared that he would not rule out subpoenaing former President Donald Trump.

Thompson said, “Everybody that I know saw what happened on January 6. So clearly, that’s not who we are as Americans.”

Fact check: Democrats love the self-righteous, faux-patriotic argument that everything their political opponents do is “not who we are as Americans.” Meanwhile Democrats steal elections, throw open the border to millions of illegal aliens, dismantle law and order to unleash chaos in the streets, and publicly denounce their country at every opportunity. That’s not who we are as Americans.

“Our committee, bipartisan committee, takes our work very seriously, and we will pursue it,” Thompson blathered. “And so his attempt to deflect our work will not work. We will continue. We’ll be deliberate in how we do it, but I assure you, I assure the public, that at the end of the day, the committee expect full cooperation from everyone that we subpoenaed.”

Fact check: this committee is absolutely partisan. Getting a couple of anti-Trump RINOs to participate does not make it any less so.

When CNN propagandist Wolf Blitzer pressed Thompson eagerly about the likelihood of subpoenaing Trump, he replied, “Well, I would say this at this point, Wolf: nobody is off-limits to a subpoena from this committee.”

The Democrats are chafing at the bit to put Trump before their kangaroo court over an incident that was instigated by the Deep State FBI in the first place. American patriots know what’s really happening here, and to borrow from hypocrites like Thompson and Blitzer, we know “that’s not who we are as Americans.”

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