Rep. Sanchez Flips Off GOP Colleagues in Baseball Game

Rep. Sanchez Flips Off GOP Colleagues in Baseball Game

July 29, 2022

In Thursday night’s annual Congressional Baseball Game, Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-CA) showed off her poor sportsmanship and utter lack of class by flipping off the Republican dugout during the sixth inning with the Democrats trailing by five runs.

After a lead-off walk, Sanchez was pulled for a pinch runner, but while making her way back to the dugout, she looked back at her fellow lawmakers on the opposing side of the aisle before making the offensive gesture.

Social media slammed her for her juvenile obscenity.

Conservative author and speaker Nick Adams tweeted, “Rep. Linda Sanchez is classless. Giving the middle finger to the GOP Baseball team is hateful and divisive. Sanchez should be banned from all future Congressional baseball games and permanently stripped of all committees.

Stay classy @RepLindaSanchez. A true role model and inspiration to children everywhere,” wrote Viva Frei.

The Republican team got the last laugh, destroying the Democrats 10-0, earning back-to-back victories in the classic game which was first played in 1909.

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