Rep. Sabatini Compares AOC to ‘Corrupt Communist Leaders’

Rep. Sabatini Compares AOC to ‘Corrupt Communist Leaders’

January 4, 2022

Speaking with Breitbart News on Friday, Florida Rep. Anthony Sabatini blasted “totally hypocritical” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) for “abandoning her own people” for the “free” Sunshine State, comparing her to 20th century “corrupt communist leaders” who justified breaking their own rules.

She’s a total communist; she’s a scumbag; she’s totally hypocritical,” Sabatini said of AOC after the proud socialist was seen vacationing maskless on New Year’s Eve outside a Miami Beach restaurant while her home state of New York was under COVID lockdown. “[She has] zero morals, no ethical fiber, just zero shame abandoning her own people in New York, coming to the ‘Free State of Florida,’ and then lying and pretending that there’s no hypocrisy there. She’s an embarrassment.”

He continued: “I think she’s a really bad person in line with a lot of the corrupt communist leaders in the 20th century who just had a lot of excuses to explain why they were allowed to break the rules that they’ve set up for other people,” he added. “She’s an embarrassment to the United States, a really awful human.”

As for stats showing blue state voters abandoning the states ruined by their own leftist policies and heading for red state freedom, he said. “I think that you’re going to see this trend increase drastically going forward, especially now that the left is pushing lockdowns again and all this other garbage so you know there’s gonna be an even bigger trend [and] faster rate of people trying to get to red states.”

“Hundreds of thousands of people [have migrated and] that number is going to go up next year and it’ll probably continue the year after that because even though right now it’s COVID that’s causing them to choose to commit cultural suicide, there will be another pretext after that,” he warned.

“There will be another excuse why [Democrat-run states] think they need to shut down and shut the economy and eclipse liberty, whatever it be they’re gonna do it again and again,” he added. “We don’t want that here, we don’t need that here, and anybody that’s not willing to adopt the Floridian lifestyle of freedom and prosperity needs to get the hell out of the state,” he added.

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