Rep. Norton: ‘No Urgency’ to Send Impeachment Articles

Rep. Norton: ‘No Urgency’ to Send Impeachment Articles

December 25, 2019

Tuesday on CNN Newsroom, Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton defended House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to withhold the articles of impeachment from the Senate, claiming there is “no urgency.”

“Remember, Congress is gone for two weeks,” Norton stated. “There’s no urgency. Where do we send them to, an empty Senate chamber? I would predict that by the beginning of the year, this will be ironed out…

“So Nancy Pelosi has no reason to want to drag this out,” she continued. “And as soon as we know what [Chuck] Schumer’s ongoing negotiations with McConnell will yield, we’ve got to decide how long the impeachment goes, whether there will be witnesses and the like. Then she will know who to appoint to go over to the Senate to argue the case for the House of Representatives. That’s all that is. There’s no delay whatsoever because there’s nothing happening in the House and Senate because of Christmas.”

This is false. Pelosi is stalling because she knows impeachment will die in the Senate.

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