Rep. Meeks: ‘I Have Long Thought’ Barr Should Resign

Rep. Meeks: ‘I Have Long Thought’ Barr Should Resign

February 18, 2020

Monday on CNN Newsroom, Rep. Gregory Meeks reacted to a report that over 1,100 former Department of Justice officials have called on Attorney General William Barr to resign, claiming he does only what an interfering President Trump demands of him.

“I have long thought that maybe he should resign because he’s not standing up for policy,” Meeks stated. “He seems to be, and it seems, then translates to what the president says and what the president wants on specific cases, that seems to be what Barr is doing. And that’s not what the U.S. Attorney General’s job is.”

“We’ve never had this problem before,” Meeks added. “This is a Trump-induced problem. We didn’t have a problem with prior presidents getting involved in this same manner.”

Barr has done nothing to justify a demand for his resignation or to suggest he merely rubber-stamps Trump’s wishes. As for previous attorneys general never serving at the whim of their presidents, here are two words for Meeks to consider: Eric Holder.

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