Rep. Lieu on Bannon, Meadows: ‘Put Them in Confinement’

Rep. Lieu on Bannon, Meadows: ‘Put Them in Confinement’

December 15, 2021

Tuesday on MSNBC’s Deadline, radical smear-mongering Rep. Ted Lieu urged Congress to use its “inherent contempt power” to confine former Trump advisor Steve Bannon and former chief of staff Mark Meadow for defying subpoenas from the House committee investigating the January 6 Capitol chaos.

Lieu began by falsely characterizing the trumped-up investigation into the January 6 incident as “a bipartisan committee from the House of Representatives.” A committee consisting of leftists and RINOs is not “bipartisan.” It’s an anti-Trump committee determined to demonize the former President and his supporters as domestic terrorists, and to legitimize the Democrats’ fraudulent 2020 election victory.

“You can’t just ignore this committee, which is what Meadows is doing,” he continued. “Any witness that does that will be held in contempt. Congress is going to hold Meadows in contempt, and that’s the appropriate step. It’s not because it’s Mark Meadows. It’s because you can’t under American law and ignore a valid congressional committee. ”

Against the law or not, protesting a subpoena from a congressional committee pursuing a politically-motivated witch hunt is the right stance to take.

Lieu added, “I am absolutely concerned, which is why I have legislation that will allow the House of Representatives to execute inherent contempt power. It’s a power the Supreme Court has upheld. We can use it to find witnesses or put them in confinement. It’s time we use that because right now, the trial for Steve Bannon, for example, was not set until August. For Mark Meadows, probably further. And when he can delay enforcing subpoenas that long and — it renders them meaningless.”

These subpoenas are based on a politically vindictive agenda to suppress, intimidate, and imprison the left’s political opponents. It is Lieu and the Jan. 6 committee who should be held in contempt.

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