Rep. Lee Honors Monument to Rapist/Murderer Huey Newton

Rep. Lee Honors Monument to Rapist/Murderer Huey Newton

October 28, 2021

Race-mongering leftist Rep. Barbara Lee, who has been a prominent supporter of the removal of statues of purportedly “problematic” historical figures, appeared Sunday in Oakland at the unveiling of a bust of Black Panther cofounder, rapist, cop killer and murderer Huey P. Newton.

Lee herself was affiliated with the thuggish Black Panther Party as a “community organizer” in Oakland. She convened a congressional forum in May with Newton’s cofounder, Bobby Seale, to discuss the FBI initiative in the 1960s and 1970s to infiltrate the black nationalist movement.

Newton was convicted in 1968 of voluntary manslaughter in the killing of Oakland police officer John Frey during a traffic stop. He claimed in the trial that Frey spewed racial epithets at him. His conviction was overturned in 1970 because of a jury instruction error. Newton was also accused of murdering a 17-year-old girl who reportedly called him by his nickname, “Baby.” One former Black Panther, Ericka Huggins, has claimed she was repeatedly raped by Newton, and that he once threatened to “knock your teeth down your throat” after she questioned his handling of finances from a Panther-affiliated school.

Lee has bragged about her support for the Violence Against Women Act, but violence against women (and police officers) is fine with her if the perpetrator was a hero to the radical, racist left like Huey Newton.

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