Rep. Jeffries: We Won’t Be ‘Cowed’ by ‘White Supremacists’

Rep. Jeffries: We Won’t Be ‘Cowed’ by ‘White Supremacists’

January 29, 2021

Thursday on MSNBC Live, Rep. Hakeem Jeffries called supporters of former President Trump “the domestic terrorists and the white supremacists” who threaten violence.

Asked “what happens if there’s no accountability for him or the rioters,” Jeffries replied, “[P]art of the lesson of the first impeachment trial for him was that he could shoot holes in the Constitution on Pennsylvania Avenue and get away with it because Senate Republicans were prepared to bury their heads in the sand.”


“So, that would be unfortunate, although there are a variety of other investigations, some civil, some criminal, that I believe have the president in their sights. And we’ll see what happens with those investigations,” Jeffries continued. “But every available option to hold him accountable for his actions should be undertaken. But we’re going to proceed in doing the business of the American people, both in terms of defending our democracy, and building back better under the leadership of Joe Biden, Speaker [Nancy] Pelosi and Leader [Chuck] Schumer. And we’re not going to be cowed by the domestic terrorists and the white supremacists and the enemy combatants who want to stop us in our tracks. That would be giving in to them, and that’s not going to happen.”

Jeffries should be ashamed of making such an ugly smear, but he won’t be because the politics of personal destruction and the demonization of political opponents are part and parcel of the Democrat strategy.

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