Rep. Jayapal Catches Coronavirus, Blames Republicans

Rep. Jayapal Catches Coronavirus, Blames Republicans

January 13, 2021

Rep. Pramila Jayapal announced in a statement on Tuesday that she had contracted the coronavirus, and that Republicans were to blame.

I just received a positive COVID-19 test result after being locked down in a secured room at the Capitol where several Republicans not only cruelly refused to wear a mask but recklessly mocked colleagues and staff who offered them one,” Jayapal wrote. “Too many Republicans have refused to take this pandemic and virus seriously, and in doing so, they endanger everyone around them.”

Fact check: by “refusing to take the pandemic seriously,” she means that many Republicans refuse to buy into the left’s cynical exploitation of the virus to justify totalitarian power grabs.

“Only hours after President Trump incited a deadly assault on our Capitol, our country, and our democracy –” [Fact check: that never happened] “– many Republicans still refused to take the bare minimum COVID-19 precaution and simply wear a damn mask in a crowded room during a pandemic — creating a superspreader event on top of a domestic terrorist attack,”she continued.

Fact check: if anyone should be charged with a domestic terrorist attack, it should be the Antifa provocateurs who initiated last Wednesday’s disorder at the Capitol. But Democrats won’t denounce their own shock troops.

Jayapal added that she wants “serious fines” for members of Congress who do not wear masks. “Additionally, any Member who refuses to wear a mask should be immediately removed from the floor by the Sergeant at Arms. This is not a joke. Our lives and our livelihoods are at risk, and anyone who refuses to wear a mask should be fully held accountable for endangering our lives because of their selfish idiocy.”

This anti-science fear-mongering, finger-pointing, and petulant name-calling is standard Democrat strategy for weaponizing the coronavirus politically, and has no connection to reality.

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