Rep. Jackson Lee: Trump ‘Has Death and Blood at His Feet’

Rep. Jackson Lee: Trump ‘Has Death and Blood at His Feet’

January 19, 2021

Friday on CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, unhinged race-monger Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee claimed falsely that President Trump had “death and blood at his feet” in the wake of the Capitol Hill unrest earlier this month.

“The overall collapse of security including helping with the United States Capitol fell squarely at the feet of the individual provoking and stoking these fires, and that’s President Donald J. Trump,” Jackson Lee declared.

Fact check: the President did not provoke anyone or stoke any fires; he specifically urged his supporters to march peacefully. Jackson Lee is a liar.

“The reason it included responsibilities in his area is because the vice president traveled from the White House to the United States Congress. So you had, in essence, the representation of two co-equal branches of government. The president did not encourage, direct Homeland Security, FBI, DOJ, the U.S. Department of Defense or any other agency for that day to do anything or to share information.”

She continued, “The president has death and blood at his feet but at the same time, there was complete abdication of responsibility, if you will, and dereliction of duty that he did not command and move forward.”

False. Trump has no “blood at his feet,” and there was no dereliction of duty. Democrats like Jackson Lee are simply hurling baseless accusations, hoping something sticks, keeping up the pressure on Trump, staying on the offensive — as is always the radical left’s strategy.

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