Rep. Green: Impeachment ‘Genesis’ Was Before Election

Rep. Green: Impeachment ‘Genesis’ Was Before Election

December 31, 2019

Monday on MSNBC’s All In, Rep. Al Green admitted that the “genesis” of Donald Trump’s impeachment began well before he was elected President in 2016.

Green was asked to respond to the argument of the right that “the Democrats wanted to impeach Donald Trump from day one, they cast about looking for a set of facts they could plausibly use to do it, and all of it was pretextual and reverse-engineered to get to this point. Exhibit one is Al Green, who’s been calling for the man’s impeachment for two years now.”

Well, the genesis of impeachment — to be very candid with you — was when the president was running for office and he had members of his own party to talk about his unfitness to hold office,” Green conceded. “The persons who were running against him, Mr. Romney spoke of his not being fit to hold office. Mr. Cruz made statements about it…”

And there you have it: Democrats intended from the beginning to impeach Trump, and years of fruitless investigations into purported Russian collusion and Ukrainian corruption were merely pretexts.


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