Rep. Green: Impeachment Akin to MLK, Rosa Parks Protests

Rep. Green: Impeachment Akin to MLK, Rosa Parks Protests

December 4, 2019

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s Your World, impeachment-obsessed Rep. Al Green said if only House Democrats vote to impeach President Trump, it will be doing “that which is right,” as civil rights activists Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr. and John Lewis once had.

“I would like for it to be bipartisan, to be very candid with you, but there are times when you have to that which you be principally right, when moral imperatives trumps political expediency,” Green said. “And you do this because Dr. King was right, he said, the time is always right to do that which is right.

“This is the time,” he continued. “We can’t wait on polls. Dr. King didn’t March on Washington because of polls. Rosa Parks didn’t take a seat on the bus because of polls. John Lewis didn’t cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge because of polls. We have to do things because it is right even when it is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular.”

Of course, the current sham impeachment inquiry is not about what is right, but is about the left’s rabid hatred of Trump and their insecurity about beating him in 2020.

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