Rep. Green Calls on Trump to Ban Rebel Flags at His Rally

Rep. Green Calls on Trump to Ban Rebel Flags at His Rally

June 12, 2020

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s Your World, Rep. Al Green called on President Trump to ban Confederate flags at his upcoming rally in Tulsa, OK on June 19 of “Juneteenth,” a holiday that marks the end of slavery.

“Quite frankly, it is very insensitive of the president, and there is some other adjectives that I can use, but I will be kind,” Green said. “I think the president understands that this is a special day in the lives of African Americans. It’s the day that General Gordon Granger came to Galveston and told the slaves they were free. It is also the place that is of concern, the venue because this is where black people were massacred because they were successful black people…

“Also very shameful that the president is doing this in such a way that we might have the person’s attendance with rebel flags… I would hope the president will not allow rebel flags,” Green concluded.

Green is simply insinuating, as he and his fellow Democrats have falsely insisted for three years, that Trump is a racist empowering white supremacists.

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