Rep. Espaillat: ‘We Should Be in Total Lockdown’ on Coronavirus

Rep. Espaillat: ‘We Should Be in Total Lockdown’ on Coronavirus

March 25, 2020

Wednesday on CNN’s New Day, New York Rep. Adriano Espaillat declared that the country should be “in total lockdown” over the coronavirus outbreak.

“Thank God for Governor [Andrew] Cuomo,” Espaillat said. “I represent a district that has probably the most hospital beds of any district in the state. We’re right at the epicenter of the pandemic. This is Washington Heights and Harlem, the smallest district in the country… And I hear from my hospital presidents, and they’re in dire need of ventilators, protective equipment for health care workers. This is a major crisis, and we are now in uncharted waters…

“We saw a couple of weeks back what was happening in Italy,” he added. “Now, the rest of the country is seeing what’s happening in New York. Two weeks from now, it will be the rest of the country. Rather than abiding by this Easter Sunday scenario that the president is talking about, we should be in total lockdown.”

And if Trump did put the country under total lockdown, Dems would be howling that he was acting dictatorial.

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